About MoneyMate Group

The MoneyMate Group provides regulatory data management and data exchange services to asset management firms and institutional investors facing increasing regulatory reporting requirements. Combined with our partners, we provide our customers with one strategic end-to-end response to global regulation. We are continually adding to the regulations that we support, and currently deliver full service solutions for the following: GroMiKV, MiFID II, Form N-MFP, Form N-PORT, PRIIPs, Solvency II, and VAG.

The three product offerings of MoneyMate Group are: 

Accudelta Regulatory Data Management: 

Accudelta solves regulatory data management. It aggregates, reconciles, enriches and quality controls information from internal and external sources to ensure that the data used in regulatory reports and filings is complete, timely and accurate.  The Accudelta regulatory data model is designed to service multiple compliance needs and we constantly seek to leverage the underlying model for new regulations. We keep our clients ahead of emerging regulations through participation in both industry and client working groups to ensure best practice.

Silverfinch Regulatory Data Exchange

Silverfinch is a regulatory data exchange, allowing secure permissioned data sharing between asset managers, their clients, and their distribution partners. The Silverfinch platform supports multiple regulations that require an entity to entity data exchange, including; Solvency II, PRIIPs, MiFID II, GroMiKV and VAG. The Silverfinch platform facilitates portfolio look-through, including external fund and investment account holdings, to meet demands from regulators. Funds leverage the platform as a single point of distribution of all regulatory exchange data, while distributors and institutional investors leverage the platform as a single place to capture data required for onward regulatory reporting.

Longboat Analytics 

Specialises in capturing data on investment funds and adding value through the provision of analytics tools, website solutions and aggregated data feeds.